Dealing with Tension Headache Pain

There is nothing worse than a tension headache! The crushing pain that feels like someone is standing on your head, the constant throbbing as you attempt to complete a task. Unfortunately, most people have to continue to be alert and functioning, even when they are experiencing this level of pain. But, there are some steps you can take that will help you to proactively address the pain until you can get the help you need to avoid these situations.

Most people get tension headaches because they are spending too much time focusing on a single object, task, or idea and are straining to stay focused. It may be that you spend your day working at a computer and have a tight deadlines. Or, you may be trying to get your work done early so you can attend an activity after work. You may even have a boss or family member that wants you to hurry up, which we all know slows most of us down. Here is a quick exercise that is easy to do, no matter where you are at.


Step back from the activity you are trying to complete and find a quiet corner. With your back to the corner, nudge in until your head and shoulders are supported in the corner.

Close your eyes and relax your shoulders, while taking a slow, deep breath in through your mouth. Breathing is important here, you need to fill your lungs with air. Now, count to 10 as you slowly let the air out through your nose.

tension headacheAs you breathe in slowly through your mouth again, concentrate on an experience or place that made you feel most at peace, happy and fulfilled. It may be a camping trip when you were a child, or when you sat under a tree on a summer day and just stayed in the moment. Think about that moment.

As you breathe out slowly through your nose, count to ten again.
Repeat this exercise and feel yourself begin to relax.

Taking a few minutes to proactively address stress and tension, before you start to get a raging headache will give you the ability to continue through your day and find more joy in what you are doing.

Very few people take time to take care of themselves. One of the classes that I teach is “How To Deal With Stress Before Stress Deals With You”. You can learn the subtle ways that your body will alert you when you are getting too tense and the steps to take to release tension before it does damage to your neck, shoulders and back.

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