Lifting and Pushing

Chiropractic care liftingLifting and pushing are two of the main causes that people suffer from upper and lower back pain. See the picture to the left? You can almost feel the tension in the upper back as the upper back is lifting the weight of a toddler.

It’s very common for mom’s to suffer from upper and lower back pain. This kind of stress puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the shoulders and neck.

The same problem occurs when a person pushes in the wrong way.
See how the middle of the spine is doing the “pushing” and the lower back is acting as the “force”. This is going to hurt!

Generally, when people use their bodys as tools, they will experience pain. Grown-ups will normally feel the sudden catch or sharp pain in their back as the disc slips out of place or compresses.

Kids will feel the pain the next day, or the injury may be one of many that gradually become worse over the years. While avoiding lifting and pushing would be the first choice of many people, it’s not realistic to think that we won’t be caught off guard when our toddler runs up to be lifted or there is a big object that must be moved.

If you’ve already been experiencing pain, then you need to see a chiropractor so we can determine where the pain is coming from. There are several discs in the back and neck. One, or more of them may be compressed because of lifting and pushing injuries. When these discs are not realigned you can experience headache pain, numbness in your extremities, severe back spasms, and much more.

Lifting with the legs and making a conscious effort to keep your back and neck straight will help you to avoid these kinds of injuries. When you are pushing a large object, use your legs and feet to provide the force for moving, keep your spine and neck straight. And, if you are trying to move a really big object, like our boy with the rock, ask for help!

Remember, most people get lifting and pushing injuries for one of two reasons. Either they are lifting/pushing wrong. Or, they need some help lifting or pushing and haven’t asked for it.