Lower Back Pain Tips

Low Back Pain TipsRemember when you had a back like this? I do! Every step was a new adventure and there were only a few minutes in the day when we actually sat down! Remember how sure we were of ourselves? We knew that the whole world was our own personal place to run and have fun! Those were the days for sure.

Now, that we are older, most people spend a lot of time sitting down. The majority of people sit most of the day at work, usually in the same position. They get home from work and spend time sitting watching television, reading a book, or working at their computer. And, for many people, exercise is something that happens on weekends when you try to catch up to your little ones.

There are a lot of reasons that people suffer from low back pain, but the biggest reason is lifestyle. Think about the amount of pressure you are putting on your lower back or tailbone throughout the day. When you are sitting, especially if you are leaning into your computer to work, you are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on your spine.

To get an idea of how much pressure you are putting on your spine by sitting, get a full plastic gallon of milk. Now, stand straight and hold the milk in one hand by the handle with your arm straight out. Pay attention to how your arm and shoulder feels when you are holding it. You will start to notice that first your muscles will begin to burn. For a lot of us, we will start to twitch around the wrist area. Next, you will start to feel a pull on your shoulder, this is the way that your muscles respond to resistant pressure. If you hold it too long, you will notice that your wrist or fingers will begin to tingle.

Now, a gallon of milk doesn’t weigh nearly as much as most of us do, but that is the kind of pressure that we put on our lower back when we sit for long hours in the same position. While most people learn to ignore the warning signs that the body gives us to move and relieve the pressure, if you pay attention to your body, you will notice that you get the same kinds of burning, tingling, numbness and shooting pain in your back, shoulders and legs.

It is important that you learn how to recognize the messages that your body is sending you. When your legs start to go numb, or your lower back begins to feel a twinge, get up and move around. Turn your body, stretch and walk around a bit. Get the circulation going and get a drink of water while you are up. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking water will help you to avoid cramping in your legs and feet at the end of the day.

When I work with patients, I don’t just relieve the immediate pain. I give my patients a series of easy exercises they can incorporate into their work day that will help them to avoid injury and pain in the lower back. And don’t forget that your Antioch Chiropractor is here for you to help you to increase your mobility and quality of life naturally and safely.