New Program To Prevent Work injuries

backacheWe have started a new program for local businesses and groups that I want to share with you. Many people suffer from pain in the spring and summer because they are adding activities to their schedule and have been pretty much, inactive for the winter.

The most prevalent result of increasing Spring and Summer activities is that more people get strains and sprains. After sustaining this type of injury, they are often unable to participate in their regular activities and often miss work. Another issues that arises is that people may strain muscles to the point that they are easily injured when there is any stress to the area on the job.

Many businesses and groups are finding that it is to their advantage to provide employees with the training and tools they need to participate in spring and summer activities without getting injured. Following some of the simple steps that I teach during presentations, you can learn how to avoid straining your back, neck, shoulders, and other parts of your body during activities and at work.

The presentations that I give are not long, and offer participants information about how they can make minor changes to their exercise and diet to increase their metabolism, lose weight, gain more energy and strength, and be prepared for the upcoming season of fun.

I also provide training for businesses to address the specific needs of their employees. If a business has a high rate of individuals taking time off for injuries or illness at work, I provide the consultation and training to staff that is needed to reduce injuries and increase productivity.

In order to maintain health, it is important that you have balance in your life. This is one of the primary focuses of the chiropractic care that I provide. Education, diet, exercise, and emotional balance give a person the ability to stay healthy and prevent injuries.

If you or your group would like me to visit you, there is no charge for this service and I look forward to assisting you in being able to fully take advantage of the coming Spring and Summer season.