Our son, Zach, was diagnosed with his third ear infection within a one month span back in September. I asked the doctor if he had to prescribe an antibiotic and if he didn’t, would the infection go away on its own. His answer concerned me, so I decided to seek out an alternative form of health care in treating Zach’s ear infections. My husband was seeing Dr. Wright, so we took in Zach to see what would happen. Zach doesn’t go to other people too well, especially doctors. However, after just 4 short visits, Zach would walk right into the office. In a 4 month span, Zach has developed only 2 ear infections! We are so grateful that Zach has been able to enjoy good health and well-being; especially with this “flu” season upon us!! Thank you Dr. Wright!
-Aaron and Layne Krey

I can sing the praises of The Wright Start Wellness Center and here is the reason why… My migraines started when I was a teenager and I thought they were something that I was just going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. In February of 2003 I had a migraine headache that lasted 12 days. This was the worst migraine I’ve ever had and I ended up in the emergency room. “ Sean Wright is a friend of mine from church but I didn’t know that he was a chiropractor. One day he and a friend came to see how I was doing, having heard I was ill with headaches. He was very sweet and I could tell that he had medical back round, so I started asking questions and found out he was a chiropractor. “Almost immediately, following my first adjustment, I felt some relief. After a few more visits the migraine and the dull ache was gone!

-Chris Henderson

About 2 years ago I pulled my shoulder out and couldn’t raise it over my head. After unsuccessful months of physical therapy, the only thing I got was a burn on y arm from an overzealous assistant. Then I found Doc Wright, Antioch Chiropractor at the Wright Start Wellness Center. After a few months of chiropractic care I was able to lift my arm above my head. It was wonderful.

A few months back my hand would go numb at night, taking about 20 minutes to bring it back. I thought I was just sleeping on it and it was normal. Then it started to happen twice a night, then three times a night. not only was it numb, but there was also pain. I was not being woken up every few hours. Then it would take 20 minutes of shaking and rubbing for it to go away.

So, not only was my hand numb and in pain at the same time, but my lack of sleep was causing me to be very tired during the day. I watch my 2-year-old grandson during the day and the constant waking up at night was a real drain on my energy.

I finally realized that this was not normal. Everyone kept telling me to go to the doctor, but I know that he would only send me to the physical therapist again, and that is not what I wanted. I immediately called up Doc Wright, chiropractor. If I had any doubts the first time I went to see the Doc, I had none now, I knew that if any one could help, it would be him. And if for some unimaginable reason he couldn’t, I had no doubt that he would know the best course of action for me to take.

My original exam and x-ray concluded that I had subluxation in my neck and spine; and a lack of curvature, which caused the nerves to be pinched. Laying down aggravated the problem. After the first month of care I was down to only one episode per night. After two months of chiropractic care I am numb free at night. My second set of x-rays shows a small improvement in curvature. It may have looked small on the x-ray, but to me it was a huge improvement in my sleep and quality of time I spend with my grandson.

Along with my twice weekly appointments, Doc has given me exercises to do at home to further the improvement. And to help me take some responsibility for my own care. I tried the doctor route, the physical therapy route, the heat until it burns route. I’ve also tried ignoring the problem, which only made it worse. I am now a staunch supporter of chiropractic care. I now understand that being in pain is not normal and there is someone out there that can help. A Chiropractor.

I encourage everyone to give Chiropractic care a try. Don’t give up; you don’t have to live with the pain. You can feel better. You can be healthier.

Debra Martin, Antioch, CA

My Chiropractor, Dr. Sean Wright, at the Wright Start Wellness Center, was able to help me when medicine failed.

September 2008 was a very stressful month for me. I reacted to the stress by clenching my teeth, which lead to severe jaw pain. I asked a Rotary friend who is an oral surgeon what he thought and he said that it wasn’t something he would deal with, but it was definitely a dental solution and not a visit to a medical doctor’s office.

I wasn’t able to get in to see my dentist until November (my schedule not his) and was given a device called an NTP so I couldn’t clench my teeth when I was sleeping. I droped it and lost it within a few days. Although I continued to be in great pain and couldn’t eat meat or bite into apples, I didn’t go back until my regular dental appointment in February. Then I was given a new NTP at a discount and advised to see an orthodontist. My teeth no longer matched up because my jaw was out of alignment. The orthodontise took x-rays and said I needed braces. The treatment could cost as much as $7,000 if I chose the “invisible” braces – slightly less money for the metallic look. And even after that expense there was no guarantee that my jaw would be re-aligned so the teeth on the upper and lower jaw would touch again.

I really didn’t want braces. My teeth have always been straight and I didn’t want further discomfort. But I also wanted to be rid of the jaw pain. So I contacted Dr. Sean Wright at the Wright Start Wellness Center; he said he though he could help, but also couldn’t guarantee results. So, we started a course of adjustments. Within the first two days the pain started to recede and got progressively better as he continued the adjustments. As a bonus, he noticed the misalignment of some of my vertebrae, possible from a car accident, and has worked to fix that too. X-rays show that both my jaw and spine have improved. Certainly my life has improved. I can eat apples and meat and crispy vegetables without unbearable pain. I can sleep at night without taking pain killers.
Thank YOU! You’ve made a wonderful difference in my life! Joe said it was painful for him to watch me eat!

Martha Goralka – Antioch, CA

I came to Dr. Wright, Chiropractor, on August 5, 2009, having lots of pain in my shoulders, neck and numb fingers due to carpal tunnel syndrome. This, plus a lot of stress, strain, moving quite a bit, and lack of good sleep prompted a referral to Dr. Wright, Antioch Chiropractor.

Dr. Wright worked up a treatment plan, x-rays and diagnosed the beginnings of degenerative disc disease which could affect my heart and lungs and health.

Since the very first night of treatments, I sleep every night – at least 6 hours of refreshing sleep. And, this is due also to the wonderful Water Pillow!!

Dr. Wright, you are the best chiropractor! I see the care you give your patients and me working and helping us to achieve the very best in health for our bodies – pill free and pain free forever.

God bless you, Dr. Wright, and thank you

Gail E. Dodd

Dr. Wright should get many Chiropractic Testimonials for the wonderful work he does addressing migraine pain.

I have had migraines since I was nine (9) years old. Almost 40 years. I have been to numerous doctor’s visits, and could never find out the reason. Had MRI, MRA, CAT SCANS and numerous prescribed medications which never helped or made me sick. My husband wanted me to go to a chiropractor, but the thought of someone “cracking on my body” was unheard of, especially thinking the chiropractor could hurt me and I would be in worse shape.

I am really skeptical of flyers that come in the mail, always thinking “this cannot be good, sounds too good to be true.” I received an “orange” flyer, read it and tossed it in the garbage. Well, during the same day, I picked up the flyer, again, and read it again. Something got to me about Dr. Wright stating he could help with migraines. It caught my eye, not only that, but that if he did not know how to help me, he would suggest other options. This flyer, was telling me that was he willing to help.

I called that day and set up an appointment. I went to the appointment with my husband and Dr. Wright took x-rays, listened to my history of migraines. He was “very excited” to try and figure out what was oging on, he told us to return the next day and was staying through his lunch or even dinner to figure this out, I was like a “puzzle.” Upon returning the following day, he figured out what was the cause of my migraines, needless to say, I started crying, no one had even taken the time to figure my migraines out. I had been living with migraines for so long it was a good feeling knowing that something could be done.

I have never been to a chiropractor and Dr. Wright told me that he was going to adjust me, which I was really scared, but going to him the past 1.5 months. I feel so much better, more energy, no more lingering headaches. I do not want to forget Marcia, the receptionist who handles Dr. WRight’s office, she is very friendly, always has a smile and is glad to see you. I appreciate what she does for us as patients.

I appreciate everything Dr. Wright has done for me, finding an answer to my problem and helping me. I could not ask for more. I should have seen him years ago. Thank you for helping me and making my life easier without the migraines.

A whole new outlook on life is beginning….

Sharon Renshaw

I was so lucky to find Dr. Wright, chiropractor and the Wright Start Wellness Center. I had suffered from lower back pain and headaches throughout my life. I would get so bad that I couldn’t work, stand, or sit for any length of time. All of the doctors that I saw could not give me a diagnosis or treatment that did anything to help the pain.

When Dr. Wright examined me and took x-rays, he told me that one of my legs was longer than the other. He recommended a program that included adding an insert in one shoe to gradually move my hips back into place.

Since starting my visits with the doctor, I am no longer suffering from the pain that I had previously and I don’t have to take the amount of medication that I was taking just to get through the day.

I’m very thankful that Dr. Wright came into my life and is there for me whenever I need him.

Georgia Cain

I wanted to share my experiences for your Chiropractic Testimonials – Dr. Wright, Antioch Chiropractor and his staff at Wright Start Wellness Center have done so much to help me. I work long hours at a computer on a daily basis and suffer from severe neck and back pain. In addition, I get migraines on a regular basis, and have since I was very young. Dr. Wright has been able to relieve my pain and made it possible for me to work without having to lie down in a dark room until the pain goes away.

I am so thankful that the doctor is always there for me and makes time to help me when I hurt myself. No matter when I need him, he is always available to put me back together. I have gone to other chiropractors, but Dr. Wright has been able to do more than any other doctors and I am not required to take medication to make it through my days any longer.

Thank you Doctor Wright,

Ellen Jackson