The Wright Start Chiropractic wishes everyone in Antioch a Happy Chiropractic Birthday

Celebrating Chiropractic’s 119th Birthday!

September 18, 1895 is celebrated by Chiropractors everywhere as the Birthday of Modern Chiropractic.  One Hundred and Nineteen Years ago DD Palmer discovered modern day chiropractic as he delivered an adjustment to Harvey Lillard and restored his hearing.  Chiropractors have been researching the science of chiropractic ever since and the results are overwhelming.  Although modern day chiropractic started 119 years ago, there have been bone setters through out history that have manually moved bones to increase health and help individuals.

Antioch-chiropractic-founder-DD PalmerBy 1927 Chiropractic schools had begun to teach the science and art of chiropractic.  In a 1927 textbook written by R. W. Stephenson, the entirety of the four year curriculum was includedAntioch-chiropractic- textbook in four sections titled Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.  The textbook is still read by chiropractors today as many of the theories have been proven true.  As we celebrate chiropractic today for all the good that it does and the lives that are changed by a chiropractic adjustment.  I challenge my patients to guess how many times the text book mentions back pain and/or neck pain.  As they look at the index in the back of the book, they are surprised to learn that back and/or neck pain are not listed  once in the text book of chiropractic.  Lots of references to nerves.  Chiropractic was founded on the principle that chiropractic subluxations or misalignments put pressure on the nerve and cause the bodies inability to function at 100% capacity.  It is that inability to function that causes dis-ease and the body to break down both joints and organs.  Modern day chiropractic still utilizes adjustments of the spine to reduce the pressure on the nerves and allow the body to heal itself.