Time to think about Spring

Antioch ChiropractorYes, for many of us, it has been a long winter. Sometimes it seems that there are so few activities to enjoy in the winter that when the first signs of spring come, we really want to do something drastic to take care of the winter weight!


Before you go on a fad diet, start lifting weights, take on a massive project, or do other things that can cause a strain on your body, start with some simple steps to get prepared!

Find out what your BMI (Body Mass Index) currently is, and what it should be. There are several websites where you can get this information for free, with no one peering over your shoulder. So, start with knowing where you are at. If your BMI is in the red zone, you are right, it is time to start thinking about diet, exercise, and health.
It is much easier to exercise with friends or family than to try to do something drastic on your own. Get together with family or friends and set up an easy exercise, such as walking every evening. Spring and Summer are great for evening walks and a great way to talk about your day, work off tension, and get the heart beating.
When the metabolism is speeded up, you will burn more calories. Unfortunately, as people get older, their metabolism slows down and it takes more effort to speed it up. BUT! Did you know, that just a brisk 15 minute walk during your morning break will keep your metabolism burning calories for 4-6 hours? Yes! It is that easy!

Start drinking non-sugar drinks. We have a tendency to drink sweeter drinks during warmer weather. However, switching to sugar-free will help to keep you in better shape. When you need energy, choose fruits that contain natural sugar and will not settle in your waist or hips.

Seeing your chiropractor about weight issues will also be helpful. When I see patients who want to lose weight, we talk about how to start an exercise and diet program that will not be difficult to stick with. There are many foods that will help to speed your metabolism, remove toxins from your body, and give you energy.

By having regular adjustments, your circulation and nervous system will be in the optimum shape to allow you to be focused and participate in activities without getting injured. Spring is a great time of year and now is the time to get ready for the great weather we will soon be seeing.

Til next week, Stay Healthy!