Welcome to the Wright Start Wellness Blog

Dr. Sean K. WrightEach week I will be posting helpful tips on how to stay healthy. As a chiropractor, I have seen many people who have suffered from injuries and pain that could have been avoided. My goal both as a chiropractor and educator is to share simple tips each week that will help you to stay healthy.

It can be very difficult to stay healthy when you are caught up in a busy lifestyle, job, or activities that don’t give you the proper amount of time your body needs to heal and regenerate. But, it is important that you learn the cues that your body gives, before an injury occurs and you find yourself in pain.

My passion is helping people to live life at it’s fullest and take advantage of every opportunity for fun and excitement that presents itself to them. In order to do that, my second passion, teaching people how to achieve health and well-being in their lives, plays a huge part in accomplishing my goal.

If you’d like to come in for a visit, or have me do a presentation for your group, just give Marsha a call at (925) 757-3309. We are located in Antioch, California and will be more than happy to answer questions or schedule time to discuss how you can become more in control of your health and wellness.