Workers Compensation

What is Workers Comp?

Workers’ Compensation is a term used by the State, your employer and your doctor to describe the process of care to be taken when you are injured at work. Workers compensation law requires employers to pay employees benefits for injuries incurred on the job, no matter who is at fault for causing the injury.
What Benefits are Provided by Worker’s Compensation?

If you qualify for worker’s compensation then you will have worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation normally pays your reasonable medical expenses. This generally includes payments for doctors, psychiatrists, chiropractors, medications, and medical supplies that are used to treat you. Your right to have your bills paid should not end until you are cured.
What Kinds of Work Injuries are Covered?

The word “injury” is very broad. It includes everything from sudden injuries like broken limbs or pulled muscles to injuries that take a long time to surface, like asbestosis (from repeated exposure to asbestos) or repetitive stress conditions (from typing too much).