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How to Get Natural Relief for Headaches


Have you tried everything and still can’t get rid of your headaches?  You’ve been to the Doctor multiple times and nothing seems to work.  You can’t figure out whether it’s a migraine, tension headache, sinus headache or all of the above.  Some of my patients come to my office and claim they have “normal” headaches- meaning that they have accepted them as part of their everyday life. 

Unfortunately for many in our community headaches have become a normal part of life.  Some deal with the pain and others take over the counter pain medication like it’s a daily vitamin or even a three times a day vitamin.  I want you to know that your body is not suffering from a shortage of pain pills.

I find that many of the patients that find success and relief from the headaches in my office suffer from cervicogenic headaches.  That’s a fancy way of saying that the pain in their head is actually coming from a problem in their neck. 

How could a problem in my neck cause pain in my head?  Great question!!!  When the bones in your neck stop moving properly due to trauma or poor posture, the muscles in the neck go into guard mode or what we typically call spasm.  Those neck muscles cause tension and pain in the shoulders and some of those muscles actually go up and attach to the bottom of the head causing tension headaches in the bottom back of the head.  These headaches usually get worse as the day goes and the muscles get more and more fatigued.

Another cervicogenic headache is caused from a very specific bone in the neck called the Atlas.  It is the very top vertebra in the neck- the one just below the skull.  I believe that the Atlas is the most important of all of your back bones because it is actually the back bone that controls 90% of your heads rotation and it protects your brainstem.  Trauma and poor posture can cause this bone to stop moving properly which can cause pressure to build up on the structures at the top of the neck.  I find many of the patients that have this problem have migraines or headaches that affect one side of the head.

Gentle chiropractic care is a great noninvasive treatment for both of these conditions.  Our office specializes in a very low force technique to create motion in the upper part of the neck.  It is so gentle that many of my patients look at me puzzled after the first treatment thinking it wasn’t even enough force to make a change.  Then I have them turn their head and have them feel the muscles, this is when their eyes get wide and a big smile forms on their face.  The problem isn’t fixed but the change is enough to give those patients a sense that we have finally found the cause of their pain and that knowledge gives them hope that they may not have to live with “normal” headaches for the rest of their life.

We also utilize gentle treatments to relax the muscles in the neck in order to get the stress in the neck to subside and ease the tension.  Have you ever reached out to give someone a shoulder massage and feel like their muscles are just one bunch up knot?  Is this you?  Restoring proper motion to the spine especially the neck is important in allowing your muscles to calm down and give them the rest they need in order to perform their proper function without causing pain.

I love being a chiropractor and being able to offer my patients a natural alternative to try and fix once and for all the cause of their headaches.  Our office has state of the art digital diagnosis equipment that helps us determine if you could have a cervicogenic cause of your pain. 

Once we confirm you have a cervicogenic cause of your headache and determine which area of your neck is not moving properly we have learned gentle techniques both by hand and instruments that can restore the proper motion of your spine, reduce the pressure in the region, dissipate the muscle spasm and create relief from your “normal” headaches.

One of our patients was a nurse for a Neurologist who had been suffering from migraines for almost forty years.  She had been poked, prodded, scanned and given every migraine pill that her doctor could prescribe.  Unfortunately none of the poking and prodding gave any answers and the pain pills would work for a small period of time and then the effect would slowly start to diminish.

This patient saw our ad in the newspaper and decided for the first time in her life to try chiropractic.  She nervously called our office and set up an appointment to see if chiropractic might be the missing link to a life without headaches.  After a thorough examination it was determined that her Atlas was not moving properly and that could be the cause of her 40 years of migraines.  We began gentle chiropractic treatments to her Atlas and within weeks saw improvement at first in the intensity of the headaches and then we saw a decrease in the frequency.  Eventually she was able to go into smoke filled rooms like casinos which use to trigger migraines and have no headache.

We supported this patient through her care until eventually she was able to be migraine free for over a year.  This patient thanks us every time she sees us as her life was forever changed because she was willing to come in and get checked to see if chiropractic care could help.  If you have been suffering with headaches you could be just one phone call away from finding the relief you have been seeking.  Don’t wait one more day, call now- 925-757-3309.

If you would like to find out if your neck could be the cause of your headaches and see if we might be able to help reduce your pain and give you relief from the everyday pressures that this problem has been causing you, please call our Antioch, CA office and set up an evaluation today.  Soon your headaches may be behind you.

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