‘Tis the season… for back pain? We don’t think so! If you regularly experience inflammation or discomfort this time of year, there are several things you can do to keep it from limiting your personal comfort and joy. Here are a few tips to help you keep back pain away during the holidays.

Take Breaks During Traveling

One of the most common reasons why a lot of people experience back pain over the holidays is due to travel. Think about this for a moment. If you’re crammed in a car for several thousand miles across the country or stuck in your airplane seat for hours on end, there’s a good chance your posture isn’t the best. In turn, this can force chronic back pain to flair up, causing tons of discomfort. Instead, make sure to take plenty of breaks to stand up and stretch your legs and spine during your travels.

Reduce Stress

While the holidays are certainly a time when it is easy to overschedule, make sure you take time to reduce stress where you can. After all, when you’re super tense, it affects your posture which can cause back pain. It is also important to keep sight of what’s important this time of year—friends, family, and fun—without getting too worked up over all the little details.

Limit Shopping Sprees

Another tip is to limit those long shopping sprees. All that walking at the mall coupled with standing in long lines can really cause problems for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Instead, limit your trips to just a few stores or shop online where you can.

Stop Standing for Long Periods of Time

For many people, holiday back pain starts with spending too much time standing. Whether you’re spending hours in the kitchen cooking a fabulous meal, baking cookies with the little one, or entertaining guests, make sure you take a moment to sit down occasionally. Why? When you’re on your feet too long, it can put a lot of pressure on your sciatic nerve. In turn, this can cause severe back pain that radiates down the buttocks and legs. And nobody has that on their Christmas list!

Remember to Stretch

If you’re planning on going on a holiday adventure outside your normal range of activity, you’ll want to remember to stretch first. For example, get in a bit of light movement before walking the whole neighborhood to look at light displays or jump in on that family football tradition. By warming up a little beforehand, you can help reduce pain and inflammation while lowering your risk for an injury.

Treat Yourself

Finally, this is the season of indulgence, right? If you’re experiencing back pain, you can always treat yourself by scheduling a massage therapy appointment. Just a short session can be enough to relax tense muscles and ensure you feel great for whatever the season brings.

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